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Privacy statement

Personal details are taken to mean details that can be traced back to an "identified or identifiable natural person": the name of a person who the details relate to is known, or that person can be traced; this includes such things as a person's name or his home or e-mail address.

Whenever your personal details are processed, it states exactly which details are used for which purposes. Your personal details are only used for the purpose you submitted them for. This means that if you enter your name and address in order to receive a certain brochure, those details will not be used to send you other brochures as well (except when indicated). It also means that your details will not be used for other purposes, such as sending press releases. However, your details may be used for investigation, when for instance criminal offences are committed or punishable statements are made via the website; details are however not kept longer than the purpose for which they were requested.

Anytime personal details are processed, only those details you actively submitted will be used. Personal details are processed in accordance with the relevant provisions in the Personal Data Protection Act. This means that personal details collected, stored, used or otherwise made available, interlinked or protected via the Internet also fall under this act.

Personal details are processed only when this is explicitly stated and if the reason for which the details are kept is given.